#9 Alan Jones

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Alan Jones

Alan Jones and the Expert Platform Podcast
Founder and Owner, Alive Media
Founder and Owner, 4Thought Media
Facebook | Web

Show Description

Alan has been designing websites and specializing in SEO for decades. He actually got his start back in the days of CompuServe, Prodigy, and NetsScape Communicator. Days which, incidentally, I remember with a mix of nostalgia and gratitude… gratitude that we’ve moved on!

Alan is an expert when it comes to building an online presence that can actually be found in the very cluttered internet of today. He really delivers some actionable, current strategies to getting ranked online today. Also, listen to the end, where Alan makes a special offer for Expert Platform listeners!

Time Stamps

  • 5:13 How Alan got his start
  • 12:42 How Alan and his wife planned their jump into self-employment
  • 16:30 How they grew their business
  • 22:20 Critical elements to search ranking
  • 30:15 Is the blog post dead?
  • 44:34 What’s changing online
  • 49:40 How Alan’s Facebook video went viral
  • 54:40 Where Alan gets most of his leads and engagement
  • 1:02:01 Who Alan follows to stay on top of marketing
  • 1:04:21 Alan’s evening routine

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