#5 Jaime Jay

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Show Description

Just how many businesses does Jaime Jay own? It’s hard to keep track, because he is on FIRE! When Jaime sees an opportunity to make a difference in the market, he takes action. In this episode, I chat with Jaime about his background, how he got into business, where he sees the internet going, and so much more. If you want to get inside the head of an expert digital marketer, you’ll love this interview!

Time Stamps

  • 7:13 How a workflow problem led to the creation of Casterly
  • 14:32 A recipe for positioning your product or service
  • 21:11 Chatbots and the future of the internet
  • 46:16 From L.A. to Alaska to the corner office
  • 55:27 Jaime’s leadership and hiring philosophies
  • 1:01:54 The biggest mistake people make when starting a business
  • 1:04:02 How to get the word out when you’re new in business
  • 1:07:21 Marketing on LinkedIn
  • 1:09:49 Staying in shape for hockey
  • 1:12:24 Jaime’s forthcoming charity book project

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