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Debbie Pace

Debbie Pace on Paul Miller's Expert Platform Podcast
Chief Empowerment Officer at BlazingVoice.com
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Show Description

Debbie retired from the U.S. Navy after serving as a journalist at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Her professional career also includes experience as a country music radio DJ and a television news anchor. Debbie specializes in helping entrepreneurs move past their fears, which often has the pleasant side effect of significantly growing their businesses.

This episode is full of value, and even includes an impromptu coaching session with me. Debbie helped me move past some of my fears right in the middle of our interview!

Time Stamps

  • 7:42 How long-buried scripts can hold us back
  • 14:37 The evolution of Debbie’s coaching personality
  • 16:53 On messaging and owning who you are
  • 29:05 Why even successful coaches need coaches
  • 32:15 Stories and scripts that hurt us
  • 33:45 Debbie’s Origin Story
  • 40:34 On being a journalist for the Navy
  • 46:49 How to find your business idea
  • 50:07 Debbie takes me to school!
  • 56:59 How to grow your business online

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