#11 Akbar Sheikh

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Akbar Sheikh

Akbar Sheikh on Paul Miller's Expert Platform Podcast
CEO at AkbarSheikh.com
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Show Description

Akbar Sheikh went from being homeless in San Francisco to building a very successful business by helping other business owners build and scale their businesses. If you take a look at the time stamps, you’ll see how close together each item is. That’s because Akbar packs in the value! When you’re done listening to this episode, go check out Akbar’s Facebook page, where he trains business owners live for free several nights a week.

Time Stamps

  • 2:50 Akbar’s story and his philosophy on life health
  • 10:58 How to prepare for business <resume here>
  • 12:27 Exactly how Akbar lost 60 pounds
  • 13:15 Akbar’s contrarian definition of a business
  • 18:55 Three Money Making Activities every day
  • 24:42 Akbar’s mission
  • 27:35 Upcoming mastermind
  • 30:26 His parting advice… which wasn’t what I expected!

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