#11 Akbar Sheikh

Akbar Sheikh went from being homeless in San Francisco to building a very successful business by helping other business owners build and scale their businesses to seven figures and beyond!

#10 Scott Beebe

Scott Beebe is the founder and head coach of My Business on Purpose, and my coach as well. In this episode, you’ll learn why you don’t have to swim in chaos every day, how to focus your marketing activities, and Scott’s Facebook Live strategy.

#9 Alan Jones

Alan is an expert when it comes to building an online presence that can actually be found in the very cluttered internet of today. He really delivers some actionable, current strategies to getting ranked online today. Also, listen to the end, where Alan makes a special offer for Expert Platform listeners!

#8 Steve Cherubino

Steve is a veteran podcaster, entrepreneur, and ad expert. He explains how to grow a podcast audience and use Facebook ads to drive business growth.

#7 Dr. Phillip Carson

Holistic Health Architect Dr. Phillip Carson on LIVING until you die, fixing your adrenals, and why natural medicine is the future. PLUS, a special gift for the Expert Platform audience!

#6 Aaron Walker

Aaron Walker, an accomplished entrepreneur, on significance vs. success, masterminds, and driving traffic with Facebook Live.

#5 Jaime Jay

When Jaime Jay sees an opportunity in the market, he takes action. If you want to get inside the head of an expert marketer, you’ll love this interview!

#4 Debbie Pace

Debbie specializes in helping entrepreneurs move past their fears, which often has the pleasant side effect of significantly growing their businesses.

This episode is full of value, and even includes an impromptu coaching session with me. Debbie helped me move past some of my fears right in the middle of our interview!

#3 Tim Vail

Tim Vail speaks six languages besides English and has lived and worked in Poland and South Korea. He’s also the founder and CEO of Halsuga, which is Korean for “You Can Do It.” Halsuga is an online business that teaches English to Koreans. Tim recently quit his job to focus on the business full-time, and it’s growing like crazy!

#2 Vinny Tafuro

Vinny Tafuro is the author of Unlocking the Labor Cage, a cutting-edge economist, and visionary futurist. Vinny is absolutely brilliant, and I learned a lot from our conversation.

From how one gentleman’s garage tinkering created the middle class to the future of work itself—and how today’s tinkerers just might usher in massive economic change—we covered a lot of ground. If you’re interested in the near future, this episode is for you.

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